Journal Prompts to Inspire You, Your Dreams, & Your Goals

Journal Prompts
Hi Sweet Friends!!

Long time no talk! Life has obviously been so crazy for so many of us lately so I thought a few Journal Prompts would be good for your souls. This world is just absolutely unpredictable at times. I hope that no matter where you are quarantined and what your current situation looks like that you are continuing to dream BIG dreams and turn them into even bigger goals!

I started journaling a few years ago when I was going through an incredibly tough time in my life and really feeling down on myself, and my accomplishments right after graduating college. Hello, real world! It will chew you up and spit you out y’all!!

A very sweet friend told me that I needed to start writing down what I was actually proud of. Everything I had actually accomplished. The things I seriously LOVED about myself. & so, my journaling journey began and I haven’t looked back once. Sometimes we just need a quiet moment to give ourselves and others grace. To put our thoughts, burdens, worries, dreams, goals, and accomplishments down on a piece of paper so they aren’t floating around in our mind anymore. So below, I’ve complied a list of journal prompts, if you aren’t sure where to start just pick one from the list and let your heart move that pen girl!

Journal Prompts

Gratitude Journal Prompts

  1. What are you the most proud of yourself for?
  2. What are your biggest accomplishments? Why?
  3. What are you the most grateful for?
  4. Who are you the most grateful for?
  5. Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with & what do you love about being around them?
  6. Who do you look up to & why?
  7. Write a letter to someone you want to thank.
  8. Most memorable vacation.
  9. Highlight of your day (try to do this everyday and create a list).
  10. What do you love about your spouse?
  11. What do you want to thank your parents for?
  12. What is a luxury you are thankful for?
  13. 10 things you are grateful for today.
  14. Thank you letter to your mind or body.
  15. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done or said to you? Why did it mean so much?

Self Love Journal Prompts

  1. Write about a difficult situation you overcame in the past.
  2. List your favorite ways to love and pamper yourself.
  3. List words that describe the things you like about yourself.
  4. List of songs that make you happy and fell upbeat.
  5. Write a letter to someone giving you anxiety so you can get it off your chest
  6. List everything bothering you to purge your mind.
  7.  List things that make you feel better on a bad day.
  8. What is your best feature? Inside & Out!
  9. How do you define self love and self worth?
  10. What do you need to forgive yourself for?
  11. What makes you a good friend?
  12. What are you proud of yourself for today?
  13. What qualities do you think others admire about you?
  14. 3 reasons you deserve to be loved.
  15. What does your perfect day look like?
Journal Prompts

Worship Journal Prompts

  1. Where did you see God working in your life today?
  2. Write your prayers down.
  3. What are you learning about God?
  4. Your favorite bible verse.
  5. What prayers have you seen answered recently?
  6. What attribute of God is the most significant to you?
  7. What does the bible say about worry and anxiety?
  8. An experience where you have heard God’s voice.
  9. The Lyrics to your favorite worship song – why is it your favorite?
  10. How can you spend more time with God?
  11. How can you share the love of Christ with the people in your life?
  12. Who is someone in your life who inspires your faith?
  13. Describe ways the Lord makes his presence felt in your daily life.
  14. God is good because…
  15. I see God in…

Self Discovery Journal Prompts

  1. What are your biggest life lessons to date?
  2. List words that describe the type of person you aspire to be.
  3. Where do you think you are currently living (past, present or future) why?
  4. What are you holding onto that you want to let go of?
  5. Are you living life to the fullest?
  6. If you had one year left to live what would you do?
  7. How can you make your life more meaningful starting today?
  8. How can you make someone else’s like more meaningful starting today?
  9. What are some good habits that you want to implement in your life?
  10. Evaluate your morning routine.
  11. Evaluate your evening routine.
  12. Lyrics to your favorite song and how they make you feel.
  13. List ways you can give back to the community.
  14. Your 3 biggest strengths.
  15. Your 3 biggest weaknesses.
  16. What would you like to tell your past self?
  17. What are your 5 biggest priorities in life?
  18. What does your dream life look like?
  19. What does your ideal day to day look like?
  20. What distractions are hindering your productivity?
Journal Prompts

Goal Digger Journal Prompts

  1. What are your core values.
  2. Write a mission statement for yourself.
  3. What are you passionate about?
  4. How do you want to be remembered?
  5. Bucket List!
  6. What does financial success look like to you?
  7. What are do you want to retire and what do you imagine retirement looking like?
  8. 3-5 most important things to accomplish this week.
  9. Write a thank you letter to your biggest supporter.
  10. Your dream vacation – in detail.
  11. Your biggest accomplishment this year.
  12. A letter to your future self.
  13. Who is your role-model and why?
  14. 5 ways you want to get out of your comfort zone this year.
  15. What challenged you today and how can you do better?
  16. What would you do if you didn’t care what others thought?
  17. Set 3 long term goals and 3 relatable short term goals for yourself.
  18. What do you need to make more time for?
  19. List of goals to accomplish in the next year.
  20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Bullet List Journal Prompts

  1. Timeline of your life
  2. Book List
  3. Wish List
  4. Exercise Log
  5. Movie List
  6. Bucket List
  7. Food Log
  8. Water Drinking
  9. To-Do Lists
  10. Grocery Lists
  11. Baby Names
  12. Family Milestones
  13. Places you want to travel
  14. Restaurants you want to try
  15. Meal Planning
  16. Budget
  17. Spending Log
  18. Favorite Podcasts
  19. Inspiring People
  20. Daily Gratitude

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