The Ms. Collection – A Clothing Rental Box Review

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I have an amazing clothing rental service to share with y’all on this beautiful Monday called The Ms. Collection. The Mr. & Ms. Collection is a personal styling service for both men and women. Their men’s side is The Mr. Collection and their women’s is The Ms. Collection. In all honesty, I LOVE shopping for new outfits but, this is so much better because I have no idea what is going to be in my box each month, so it’s like Christmas morning! Plus there are always things I never would have picked out for myself had I been shopping on my own that I end of loving!

The Ms. Collection is a monthly women’s clothing rental subscription. Your stylist puts a pack together based on your style profile that you create when you start your subscription. When you are done wearing the pieces you send them back in the included pre-paid envelope and they will send you your next box. You also have the option to purchase any items from your box at a special member only rate if you can’t part with any of your new items.


Pick your subscription There are four different subscription options ranging from $59 to $89 a month. You can change your membership anytime.

Fill out your style profile You will be asked questions about your style, sizes, and other preferences. You can even share a Pinterest board, if you save style inspo, to help the stylist.

Get your box Once you’ve complete your subscription, your personal stylist will reach out, and send you the first box! You can choose between two shipping methods when you subscribe. Once a month or an unlimited membership.

Wear your clothes Enjoy your new wardrobe & never having to say “I have nothing to wear” again!

Send back and repeat When you are done with the clothes and want new ones just send your box back and the process starts over. Don’t forget to rate your box and leave any notes for your stylist so your subscription gets better and better.


Standard Once a Month :: for three items in each pack, 1x per month – $59/mo

Premium Once a Month :: for four items in each pack, 1x per month – $69/mo

Standard Unlimited :: for three items in each pack, for unlimited packs – $79/mo

Premium Unlimited :: for four items in each pack, for unlimited packs – $89/mo

Get 20% off of your first month of The Ms. Collection with code :: accordingtoktstyle



I am so in love with all of the items I received in my box! I saved almost $300 by spending $59 on a subscription and I will never get bored with my clothing and stop wearing it because I will always have something new and exciting on its way. Below is the breakdown of what was inside my first month of The Ms. Collection clothing rental subscription box.

Kut from the Kloth Outerwear :: SRP $79 :: Membership price $66

Bishop & Young Top :: SRP $95 :: Membership price $85

Gentle Fawn Dresses :: SRP $99 :: Membership price $89

Sanctuary Top :: SRP $82 :: Membership price $75

Total Retail Price :: $355


Something I LOVE about this subscription clothing rental service is the clothing is used! Clothing uses a lot of resources and fast fashion has become so bad for the environment. Renting clothing is like sharing a closet with a lot of other women! It makes me feel like I am doing my small part in fighting some of the environmental issues the fashion industry can create.


You send your clothes back dirty and they take care of the washing. Honestly y’all, If less laundry isn’t a win I don’t know what is.


That’s right ladies, there is a matching men’s clothing subscription box for your man. What better way to get the babe on board with your clothing addiction than letting him share in the fun? And how fun to make a date night out of opening your boxes together once a month!

The Ms. Collection

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