Girlfriend’s Guide to Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

You know that excitement you feel during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Or when you finally find out who will be the next bachelor? That’s how I feel this time of the year because of the two most beautiful F-words. Fantasy Football!

Truthfully though, I don’t watch every football game. I don’t know a majority of the players. And, even if I recognize their name, I most likely don’t know what team they play for. I definitely don’t know what position they are without googling it. But, you don’t need to be an expert to have a 4 month long game night with your best friends.

This is my 3rd season playing Fantasy Football, and Collin and I have been together for 3 football seasons..see a connection there? If you date a fantasy football addict then you know date nights turn into wings, beer, and your babe yelling at a TV for at least 13 weeks. Ladies, you can’t beat the game so you might as well join! I’ve put together the basic, need to know information here to be your guide. So, go tell your man you want in the league this year & then show him how its done girl!

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football is a fun competition between friends that you can play from your phone or laptop. We have ten players or teams in our league this year and we all live in 3 different states. It’s a fun way to stay in touch with everyone. You pretty much get a game night with your friends 3 times a week, full of shit talking, and bragging rights.

Your team is made up of players from different NFL teams that you pick during a draft. Your basic team will consist of a quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, a kicker, defense, a flex position, and a bench of back up players. Each week your team will play against one of your friend’s teams in the league. Your players score points based on how they perform at their games in real life. If you’ve never been interested in football this makes it a lot of fun to watch. You’ll find yourself excited to actually pay attention because you want to root for your players in real life.





Girl's Guide to Fantasy Football - Roll Tide

How does the draft work?

The draft is when you pick what players you want on your team to start the season. Your teams commissioner will set the draft date and time that works for everyone so, you can all be at your computer at the same time.

I personally don’t think it’s super important to know a lot about the players before you go into the draft. The Fantasy App will give you a lot of information on the players and their projections for the year. It will even rank them for you by their positions. This all makes it super easy to pick good players even if you’ve done no research before hand.

The order that you get to draft in is randomly selected when it starts and you are timed. If you don’t pick a player within your allotted time the App will automatically draft a random player for you. You generally want to pick a running back or wide receiver in your first round. These positions are going to score you the most points in a game. I’d say wait to pick your quarterback till the 3rd or 4th round.

Draft Day Tips!

Pay attention to the bye week numbers when choosing players. That is the week that they have off during the season. If you chose too many players from the same team they’ll all have the same bye week. Meaning you won’t have anyone to play on your team that week. You want to pick a diverse group for that reason.

You can practice!! Collin is a big fan of mock drafts. It shows you how it works and gives you a taste for draft days before the real thing. Just log into your Fantasy Football App and click Mock Draft to give it a shot.

If you don’t LOVE the team you draft don’t worry it’s not marriage. You can propose trades with other player or drop players and pick up available ones throughout the season. I drop and pick up my defense multiple times during the season depending on what teams are matched up in real life that week.



How much of my time does this take?

This is not a huge time commitment, which is something I love about it. NFL Football games are on Thursday night, Sunday, and one game on Monday night. That doesn’t mean you have to watch all of it but you will probably want to keep an eye on your app during games.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning before the games start you will want to make any adjustments to your team for the week. If you have a player on a bye week you’ll need to switch them out for a benched player. You’ll want to check the app to see if any of your players are injured and aren’t likely to play that week. Switch them out of your line up as well. You can propose trades with other players during this time too. You can also make any add/drops to your roster with the available players in your league. Always check who your defense is up against for the week and make changes if necessary. All together this honestly takes roughly 30 minutes to check everything and make the necessary changes to set yourself up for a win each week.



Girl's Guide to Fantasy Football - Roll Tide

I’m still worried I’ll pick all the wrong players.

Girl, use your resources!! Google is your best friend and it has all the answers. You can literally google “who should I draft in 2019 Fantasy Football” and it will give you the ideal list. Signed, sealed, delivered. It’s definitely more fun to figure some of it out on your own with a little trial and error your first time around. You can always ask google for help if you’re feeling lost though.

If you ask really nicely your man may give out a few pieces of advice. Don’t be mad if he doesn’t though. The game gets so competitive. All the reese’s cups and kisses in the world might not get him to give up a good player for you. If all else fails just listen with serious intent when he starts talking about football. You’ll pick up more than you think that way!

Remember, this is all in fun!! In 4 months time it ultimately doesn’t matter who you drafted or if you make it to the play-offs. Plan a few fall football BBQ’s for your league and talk trash like one of the guys. Enjoy the next few months being part of the game and competing with your man and best friends for bragging rights!

It’s the best time of the year y’all! Leave me a comment below if you are clicking around the app and have questions on anything I missed! Are you planning on playing this year? What part are you most excited for?!

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