5 Ways To Stop The Comparison Game

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I talk a lot about building each other up & being your girlfriends biggest cheerleader. Sometimes though you can’t help but wonder why not me? & that’s okay! In the age of social media it’s sometimes impossible not to play the comparison game and let it become a negative platform for yourself. No matter how many positive affirmations are posted and sweet comments are left. Instagram can become a dark hole of negative questions.

“why not me?”

“Am I not good enough?”

“What makes her better than me?”

We are only human so, we will never completely stop wanting what other people might have. Whether its a home, proposal, marriage, closet, vacations, babies, dream jobs, friendships, cars, a body, or opportunities. Unfortunately, these jealousies will likely all come up in your life as you change & grow. Which is why I listed the 5 things below that I tell myself when I am feeling the comparison game creep into my mind in order to overcome it.

Comparison is ultimately a thief of joy & happiness. No matter how strong or confident you are; the comparison game is one we will just never win. It will literally tear you down over and over again if you continue to let it.

comparison game

Instagram = Highlight Reel

I know you’ve heard this before but, its in the dark moments where you’ve scrolling for an hour through a feed full of accomplishment after accomplishment. It’s then that you have to remember you are not seeing any of the sweat & tears that took place between those photos. & I promise you there were plenty. In other words, you don’t know someones life because you follow them on Instagram. As authentic and real as they say they are being you aren’t seeing the failures, fights, or the bad days. Keep that in mind as you scroll.

Have Strong Supporters

It’s so incredibly helpful to have a strong support system in your life. For me, I go to my parents, siblings, boyfriend, best friend, or even you sweet sweet girls that DM and comment all of your love and support (thank you!). It’s so important to know that someone gets it and understands where you are coming from. It’s also important to know they believe in you and know that you will succeed. These people believe in me more than I believe in myself sometimes and that is everything!

If you don’t have this in your life right now and are in need of some support, please feel free to reach out to me. If you don’t feel like you have even one person in your life that you can go to for support. That will build you up and make you see how awesome you are. I would be honored to be that supporter for you.


Be A Strong Supporter

Kindness & Happiness are an unlimited resource on our planet that we all need to be spreading more of. You ultimately chose how someone else’s success or joy will make you feel. I challenge you to stop & think when you start to compare your accomplishments to someone else’s’ & instead celebrate them. It is our responsibility to build each other up and celebrate each others success even when it isn’t our own. Plus, it will make you feel a heck of a lot better than the comparison game will. Give it a shot!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Get off of social media for the day!! Go do something for you & forget about what everyone else is doing. If there are specific accounts that are constantly bringing you down and pulling you back into that comparison game then it’s time to hit “unfollow”. Don’t want to do that just yet? You can always hide an account from your feed so you don’t have to see it. They will never be notified that you hid their content. Do what you have to do for yourself to be in a positive environment!


Count Your Blessings

We are oh so good at counting other peoples blessings for them without even having all of the behind the scenes details. We often forget to count our own though. God has blessed us with SO much in this life, when I finally take a moment to acknowledge it all, I instantly stop comparing myself to others. We ALL have something to be thankful for. It may be as simple as clean water and a meal. That is a blessing! It may be as big as landing your dream job or buying a new house. If you take a minute each day to count your own blessings, I promise you will be so much happier & more content in your life. You will  likely stop feeling the need to play that silly comparison game with others’ lives.

I hope this helps & brings you some peace and joy then next time you’re scrolling through social media. Have a beautiful week ladies!

Love, Katie

None if the photos used here are my own – all are from Pinterest. 

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