Wishlist Wednesday – July 17, 2019

Wishlist Wednesday
  1. Start Where You Are Self-Love Journal ($13) // 2. Macbook Marble Shell ($23) // 3. Dermalogica’s Hydramist ($14) // 4. Travel Makeup Case ($15) // 5. AE Mom Jeans ($38) // 6. Kate Spade Business Card Holder ($50) // 7. Atlanta Falcons BBQ Tote Set  ($54) // 8. Tiffany & Co. Aviator Sunglasses ($360) //9. Dog Travel Bag ($50) // 10. Bartending Recipe Glasses ($18)

The very first Wishlist Wednesday y’all!! I thought it would be a fun idea to share some things that have been on my mind lately that I am getting or hoping to get soon. It’s a mix of things for myself, for Collin & the pups, for our home, or for traveling. I hope you enjoy it & if anything from Wishlist Wednesday ever jumps out at you like it did to me I have everything linked to make it super easy for you to get it too. Let me know if you end up getting something! Maybe we’ll match!! 🙂 Did we just become best friends?

Start Where You Are Self-Love Journal ($13)

Journaling is a big part of my personal self-love routine. It helps me destress and get out of my own head. Sometimes I just have to spill it all out on paper. Other times I love a book of prompts to make me think beyond my usual. I’ve heard really good things about this one so, it definitely makes the Wishlist Wednesday list.

Macbook Marble Shell ($23)

I broke my last laptop shell so long ago and have never bothered getting a new one. I am so messy and clumsy though I really need to invest in a new one. Most importantly though I just think this one is so cute.

Dermalogica’s Hydramist ($14)

Flights make my skin so dry. I’ve seen some people who wear hydrating masks on a flight but I’m just too worried about terrifying the person next to me. I’ve heard great things about this product to keep my skin hydrated on travel days.

Travel Makeup Case ($15)

I’ve seen a couple people share this case and I’ve decided I desperately need it. It literally looks perfect to organize everything perfectly & make it easy to get to when you need it. The compartment sizes are even customizable!

AE Mom Jeans ($38)

My mom has always told me that if you leave something at the store that you were unsure about and you are still thinking about it a few days later, then you should go back and get it. If you forget about it then you didn’t really want it enough. Well, I tried these on at American Eagle maybe two months ago and I am STILL thinking about them.

Kate Spade Business Card Holder ($50)

How cute is this business card case!! I don’t know about you guys but I either never have a business card when I need it OR they are in every nook & cranny of my purse getting crushed and creased so they are useless when I need them.

Atlanta Falcons BBQ Tote Set  ($54)

I saw this and automatically thought I need to get it for Collin. Football season is just around the corner, and boy am I excited! The Falcons are a big deal in our house – there is an Atlanta Falcons flag hanging in the living room year round. We always have Sunday BBQ’s during football season & I hate when the grill tools end up everywhere because they don’t have a home. The tote is the perfect fix.

Tiffany & Co. Aviator Sunglasses ($360)

I’ve been asking Collin to buy me these sunglasses for like 2 years now. He always say’s they are too expensive..I’ll wear him down eventually. Hey! They’re way cheaper than the OTHER Tiffany’s products, am I right?

Dog Travel Bag ($50)

Disclaimer :: I am NOT a crazy dog mom..but they are kind of our kids. We take road trips with them multiple times a year and honestly you can’t imagine how much our high maintenance pups have to pack. This would be so perfect to keep it all together so we aren’t forgetting anything. We also don’t have to take a bunch of trips to the car with separate items this way. I love that everything is in one place.

Bartending Recipe Glasses ($18)

I came across these on Amazon and I think they are so great! You get a set of 4 glasses and each glass has a different drinks ingredients listed on each side. That’s 16 different drinks. I am the worst at mixing drinks and knowing how much to put of each thing so these are so amazing for when we have people over.

Thanks for following along! Happy Wednesday!


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