San Diego Girls Trip Part 1: Best Places to Stay

Who doesn’t love a girls trip?! For my birthday my best friend & I went to San Diego for a long weekend together. We had been looking forward to this for months. Adulting is hard and it’s not often that we get to spend time just us two anymore. We’ve been friends for 14 years y’all..just saying that makes me feel so dang old! We both grew up in Flagstaff & now we live a street apart in Scottsdale! So when I say best friends I mean like we’ll be rocking power wheel chairs together in our 90’s, forever together, kind of best friends.

San Diego did not disappoint us at all! I kind of expected that since this is my third trip. Collin & I spent Allstar break there the year he was living in California. I also spent a vacation in San Diego with my mom the year I graduated college. All three trips were so incredibly different but all equally amazing. So to say I am an expert San Diego tourist would be accurate. Which means, It is time to cover all the things this lovely city has to offer! Keep reading for the 3 places I’ve stayed in San Diego. Which are also, in my opinion, the 3 BEST places to stay in San Diego!

San Diego Ocean Beach Hostel

USA Hostels – Ocean Beach San Diego

If you want to be on the beach and you came for the party than this is the PERFECT stay for you. Leigh & I stayed at the USA Hostel in Ocean Beach for our girls trip & we had a blast. All of the guests here are in their 20’s & they’re from all over the world. We met so many amazing people while we were there that made the trip a blast.

We stayed in an all-female dorm room with it’s own restroom. The entire place was very clean and had super accommodating staff. It can get loud but quiet hours start at 11pm and you can hardly hear any noise in your rooms.

There is free parking close by and it is walking distance to great restaurants, shopping, and the beach. It’s seriously an ideal location. You never have to leave the area if you don’t want to.

If you are on a budget this is the best option you can find. I’m not sure you can even find an airbnb for a better price. Plus, they include free breakfast every morning, an activity every night like a bar crawl with free shots before you leave, or a beach bonfire with smores included. Theres also a shuttle that will take you to places like balboa park, Gaslamp, or the San Diego Zoo.

**Tip: They have another hostel in Gaslamp and when you are booking it’s easy to click the wrong one. When I booked I ended up booking us in the wrong one and didn’t realize it until 2 days before the trip – luckily both locations were super accommodating and helped us switch the reservation. Click on Ocean Beach when you book NOT San Diego.**


San Diego Bahia Resort

Bahia Resort – Mission Beach

If you are trying to stay in the Mission Beach area Bahia Resort is an amazing option. It is higher end than the hostel of course but I wouldn’t call it a luxury resort. It is the perfect middle ground. I stayed here with my mom, grandma & uncle. It was great for us because there is something for everyone to enjoy. There is a restaurant on site and super cute day beds that line the beach that is directly outside your hotel room. I mean walk out your door into sand and 5 steps to your day bed. It’s private for the resort so you don’t have the crazy crowds that some of the other beaches tend to have.

They also have kayaks, paddle boards, surf boards, and bikes for rent. My mom & I seriously rented everything while my grandma relaxed and watched us from the daybeds. They also offer a complimentary cruise on the Bahia Bell which goes across Mission Bay to a sister property. Bahia Resort is never short of things to do but, if you do want to venture out Belmont Park & The Mission Beach Boardwalk are directly across from the resort, my mom and I walked over one night and had a blast.

**Tip: A lot of stingrays hang out under the sand where it meets the water in the bay. They were harmless – more scared of us than we were of them but it’s nice to be aware of them.**

San Diego Marriott Marquis

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina – Gaslamp Quarter

This is your luxury option ladies. The Marriott Marquis is one of the top 3 nicest places I’ve ever stayed and will forever be goals to go back here. Collin & I got online to book this room on our drive here during all star break and really didn’t know what we were getting but what a beautiful surprise it was. The Marriott Marquis is located near Gaslamp right next to the convention center & seaport village on the harbor.

What really is the best part of this resort though is the pool. It’s unbelievable and paired with the amenities, amazing food and pool bar I could probably just move in. Suite Life of Katie? No? Okay fine, I’ll keep saving my pennies in a jar till I can go back to this dream resort. If you have the opportunity seriously I highly recommend this incredible stay my friend.

**Tip: I don’t really have a tip here except enjoy everything about these stays, whichever one you pick is going to be an amazing time. Leave your heart open for all the love on your next vacation. You deserve that & so much more girl!**

Happy Travels!


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