26 Things I’ve Learned in My 26th Year

26 things I've learned

I blew out 27 birthday candles on Sunday which, is just crazy to me, why do I still feel like a 12 year old most days? Will I ever stop saying “when I grow up?” Oh, these are life’s great unanswered questions. And no, I can’t tell you what I wished for (then it won’t come true!) But, I promised myself I would sit down and reflect on my 26th year all of the wonderful moments, lessons learned and 26 things I’ve learned.

First, I want to send so many hugs and all of the love to everyone who has made this past year the adventure that it was. I adore all of you more than I can ever put into words. Also sending some serious love and gratitude to those who put obstacles in front of me this year. You made me stronger and brought on some beautiful lessons to contribute to this list of 26 things I’ve learned that I will take with me in life.


26 things I’ve learned in my 26th year:

1. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it

If you are always saying “someday” when exactly is that? You have to create success its not just going to happen to you. Go after it!

2. A good facial routine is necessary

Unless you want to wake up with wrinkles and acne scars galore in 30 years – Yeah, it’s worth the time before bed and the cost. Trust me on this. Also, a good facial is life changing. If you are in the Phoenix are I highly recommend.

3. Don’t be an asshole

Have you ever heard the saying you catch more flies with honey then vinegar. It’s true and you’ll be a much happier positive person too.

4. Strive for happiness

Above anything else (money, success, status) strive to be happy & content with your life and where you are in it right now.

5. You aren’t comparable to others

Seriously it isn’t worth your time to scroll through your Instagram comparing yourself to the other girls who have “perfect” insta lives. The only person you’re holding back doing that is yourself.

6. You don’t have to be just one thing

The idea of one career that I do over and over and over for the next 30 years sounds incredibly awful to me. I don’t know if I believe “life’s calling” really exists. We all have so many skills and interests that are always changing.  Let’s just apply them to
whatever it is we’re passionate about and interested in at this moment and stop trying to figure out forever.

7. Being a morning person is unavoidable

You don’t have to drink celery or run a mile but you do have to get your butt up and moving pretty early in order to crush your goals. It will be that way the rest of our lives so let’s just embrace it the best we can.

8. I have NO idea where I will be in 5 years..

& that’s perfectly okay. When you graduate college everyone is asking you what your plan is and not having one feels like an epic fail but it isn’t. It’s exciting and fun. Life is supposed to be an adventure and I’m here for it! Wherever this crazy ride wants to take us!

9. Sitting in the sun for a few minutes brings me insane happiness

That’s it. It just does. I suggest trying it. Even in these Phoenix summers, 5 minutes on the patio can turn my entire day around. You can always go on a trip to a lovely sunny location too for some serious happiness. Check my travel page for ideas.

10. A glass of wine at night is good for the soul

Growing up drinking was a rare occurrence in our house so it seemed odd to me when people would say they had a glass of wine at night. An alcoholic beverage every night? I’m sorry, are you an alcoholic?! Kidding! I quickly learned that this is a lovely idea from people who know what pure joy is made of. (hint: its grapes.)

11. You are the ONLY person responsible for your happiness!

Your work/life balance, your health, your impact. It’s all up to you. Refer to #1 and go after your happy!

12. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it.

Say it with me…n-o. That is one complete sentence with only two letters and no explanation necessary.

13. Forever friends are rare and you should cherish them deeply

It happens, friendships dwindle as we grow and chapters of our lives lead us in different directions. Prioritize your time when it comes to those rare gems in your life so they last forever.

14. Drink water.

I live in the desert. I can LITERALLY never drink enough to be hydrated.

15. Don’t pick or bite your cuticles (hah)

Okay, I learned this but I am still working on it. Nervous habit or out of boredom, who knows, but I will say other people notice: bosses, coworkers, boyfriend, the nail tech and they all want you to stop.

16. Love Yourself

Have pride in yourself and your independence and don’t ever let anyone take that or compromise it.

17. Self-promotion is necessary

Keep track of your wins or big moments in life and in your career. Take note of when you knock your goals out of the park. Whether it is for yourself or your next job interview – you’ll be glad you have it.

18. McDonald’s can make anything better

Hung over? Bad Break up? Have a cold? McDonald’s will fix it. Seriously, whatever your guilty pleasure it, just enjoy it! Then go sign up for a workout class. Kidding!!

19. You will never regret a workout

The older you get the more love and care your body needs. I hate saying that..the older you get..but it’s true! Treat your body well and you won’t regret it.

20. Love is a choice

& I hope you fall into it hard! Fall in love with your life, yourself, others. Make a choice to leave your heart wide open this year.

21. Know your 401k

It’s not a fun topic but your future depends on it. It’s important to know how it works and what you have in it. I suggest working with a financial planner you trust.

22. Failure is a good thing

Opportunities are going to come and go. At the end of the day whatever the outcome it’s a lesson learned.

23. We should all be Feminists

Equality isn’t up for discussion. End. Of. Story.

24. Not everyone is going to like you

& that’s perfectly fine! This took me a long time to accept. As a people pleaser I really could not grasp not being everyone’s cup of tea but it’s just not going to happen. If you stay true to yourself someone is going to fall in love with all of the you that you are.

25. Life Goes On

Even on the days you are certain it won’t or you don’t want it to. It will and it will get better. Just keep going and don’t give up.

26. Let It Go!

This is my life motto. No, I didn’t get it from frozen it was mine first. Whatever is sucking your soul. Whatever is stressing you out. Whatever you are overreacting about. Let it all go. It is the most freeing feeling ever and gives your life room for all the positive vibes that couldn’t get in!
Heres to year 27,

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