Why Living Together Before Marriage Works For Us

moving in together
Hello Sweet Friends!
You read that right, Collin & I are not married but we sure have been living under the same roof for the last year. We had a unique situation with his life in baseball but, I also whole heartedly believe in living together before you commit your lives to each other.
I would never take moving in together lightly and I hope you don’t either. Sharing the same address is a BIG deal, especially if there is no ring on your finger yet. So if you are trying to decide if this big life change is going to work for your relationship. Keep reading for 5 of the biggest reasons it has worked for us and why I would suggest it. My biggest piece of advice is talk to each other, over communicate, and make the choice that is right for YOU and your relationship over anything else.

Compatibility Testing

Let’s be honest most people will say we are giving marriage a “test run.” Call it what you want but I don’t think a practice run for a lifetime of living together is a bad idea. Ladies! Going from living alone to having a guy there all the time is a HUGE change. From the time your alarm clock rings to the time your head hits the pillow you share your space. Half your closet is going to be taken by his clothes. Half your Netflix is going to have weird dude shows on it that you never would have watched before moving in together. You’ll quickly find out how tolerant you are of each others differences.

Whats Mine is Yours

Maybe you haven’t said what’s mine is yours just yet. You share a home now though so it is – groceries, laundry, vacuuming, the toilet! So long are the days where you clean, go to work, and come home to the same clean house. You share the space with someone else now and they will make messes, but so will you. As a couple you’ll have to figure out what works for you when managing your home and chores together. Communication is key y’all!

Money Talks

We can all agree that cutting our rent and air conditioning bill in half would be a dream come true. But you will also get an insight in to all of your partners other spending habits too. You’ll have to talk about how you are paying for things like bills & groceries. You’ll also need to create budgets together based on each of your incomes.
Pro tip: make sure you get the packages first and dispose of the evidence before he gets home. Then you don’t have to explain why you need another pair of shoes “that look the same as all the others.” Even though they’re really different!

People Talk

What do your parents think? Who moved in with who? Do you talk about marriage? Who brought up moving in together? When will you get married? Don’t you want to have a wedding? Honestly, be prepared for all forms of these questions and more. Be prepared for them to come at you from all unsuspecting angles. If you are confident in your decisions, and you should be, then these won’t bother you too much. Just brush them off and don’t get offended. You are doing life differently than society says you are supposed to and that is harder for some people to understand. NONE of those things they are questioning matter though. Whatever works best for you two as a couple, your combined lifestyles & personal values THAT is the perfect path for your relationship. End. Of. Story.

It’s Perfectly Boring

It’s true, a lot of everyday life is pretty boring, and while getting to come home to my person makes every day so much sweeter there are still hard days as well. Living together will never be a cure all but it truly gives you the opportunity to learn a whole new side to your person. The second you start asking the “what do you want for dinner” question you will be getting a first-hand glimpse into what it will be like spending life as forever roommates. Everyday will not be rainbows and butterflies. Nor will everyday be challenging and messy. A lot of days will be perfectly boring with the one you love which if you ask me is the absolutely perfect life.
His favorite roommate,

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