Top 5 Steps to the Perfect Pool Party

Top 5 Steps to the Perfect Pool Party
Its June! That means pool party season is in full swing! You want to throw one of your own but being a busy working girl doesn’t give you much time for prep. Here are my 5 simple steps to get you this summers perfect pool party everyone will be talking about.

Create A Theme

Give your party an identity. It will make everything easier to choose if you have a theme you are going off of. If you are stumped give my summer parties page on pinterest a look and see if you find something you like. Pinterest is my go to for all of my events when I am first getting them started.
Don’t feel like you have to go crazy with decorating unless you want to. A little goes a long way and your friends will appreciate whatever you do! I would have some themed pool floats and lay out a few beach blankets or towels. Provide drink floats or a koozie bucket, and maybe a few pretty summer florals on tables that you can get from your local grocery. Fun & Simple!

Spread The Word

Again, do not feel like you have to go big and send your friends a hard invite a month in advance unless that is really what you want to do. Try creating a Facebook event with a cute header image that matches the event. You can put all of the details: date, time, address, what to wear, what to bring, etc. in the body of the event invite.
Text message or a good old fashion phone call are also great options for a simple pool party. The key here is don’t over think it and stress yourself out making this a grand affair. Summer and the perfect pool party are all about relaxing girl!

Keep The Menu Simple

Try to think of things that make you go I bought this at the store, dumped it into a bowl, added a spoon and now everyone thinks I am the hostess with the mostest. Chips & Dips are a super easy and quick appetizer. Berries & watermelon or really any kind of food bowl are perfect for summer. If you have a grill Hamburgers & Hotdogs are always my easy party go to. If not no worries, cook them ahead of time. You can also try something in a slow cooker and bring it out to the pool when you’re ready to eat. For dessert, popsicles are a perfect pool side treat.
Pool Party
Wine, Beer, or Booze. You know your group so its up to you if you provide one or all. A little or a lot. You can absolutely add to the invite that everyone brings a drink or something to eat for the group as well. You want there to be a lot to go around. Nothing ends a party faster than running out of food or drinks. Also, don’t forget the water!!

Provide Entertainment

Bring out a portable speaker and have a playlist of this summers best hits on in the background. It will keep the mood upbeat and fun. I’d also suggest Cornhole boards, Giant Jenga, Ladder Toss, or KanJam. You can get them at the links attached or if someone you know has one of them don’t hesitate to ask them to bring it along for the afternoon.

Eat, Drink, & Have Fun

Last but absolutely not least – enjoy your party! Everyone is there because they want to spend time with you, their beautiful friend! You planned a fabulous party and everyone is going to have an amazing time. Summer is here so soak up the sun, have a drink, and enjoy your time with your favorite people around you.
Cheers Babes!

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