Tips for Moving Away From Home for The First Time

tips for moving away for the first time
Hey Girl!
Are you thinking about taking the leap and moving away from home for the first time? I think it is so important for girls to live on their own and learn to manage their own affairs completely before moving in with a man. Your 20’s are when you stand on your own two feet and find out who you are and what you are made of. I know not everyone agrees with that but, if you are someone who does this special blog post is for you.
Leaving your comfort zone is never easy! Doing things alone and making big life decisions can seem intimating. It all comes with so many emotions: excitement, fear, sadness, hope. I’ve moved away from my home town twice now and I have definitely felt it all! If you are thinking about leaving your hometown behind for a new adventure I hope the insight from my experience can help ease your mind and heart as you take on the road of becoming an independent babe.

Know Your Standards

Where do you want to live? What is important to you in a home? Do you have pets or children to think about? Do you need access to public transportation? Where do you see yourself working and hanging out? In other words make a list of what you cannot live without and use this information in your search.

Live Within Your Means

Make sure your standards you outline are reasonable. If you just graduated college and are looking for your first job you probably can’t have that apartment on the Upper East Side all to yourself. Dream big, girl! But, know what you can afford too, have a budget, and stick to it like glue. You don’t want to be calling your parents for food money every month because all of your pennies went to rent.

Do It For You

Be honest about what the motivation is behind why you are leaving and where you are going. Make sure it is what YOU want for yourself. Don’t let it be what you think someone else wants you to do or what you think you should do. Absolutely, do not move to follow someone else who is on their own path. Create your own. I promise if you are meant to be distance will not stop that. Ask yourself what are your expectations once you get there? What are your personal & professional goals and does this move align with them?

Just Go

Once you have all the above sorted out and you are emotionally ready, just go! Once I decided I was moving to Phoenix it took me two weeks to find a job. I packed my suitcase slept on my friends floor and started my new life. I was so excited to just go. Regardless of how long preparing takes or how you get there be so proud of yourself for packing your bags and taking a leap of faith that so many let fear keep them from doing.
Living on your own is a huge learning opportunity and an adventure that so many never get to experience. You’ll get lost more than once trying to navigate your new city and if it’s your first place you’ll have no furniture and be eating pizza on your floor for a while. Cherish these times though. They may seem like growing pains but they are few and far between.
Moving away from home for the first time means you get to start a new routine with a new job, new friendships, new restaurants and coffee shops. It can be intimidating at times but I urge you to jump into the pool of new experiences head first. You are creating your own path and get to discover who you truly are and decide who you want to be.
I hope you fall in love with your new home wherever it may end up being and continue to fall in love with yourself in the process.

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