Portland, Oregon Part 4: Hiking The Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge - Latourell Falls
The last post of the Portland Series y’all!! We spent half a day on our trip exploring a few of the water falls at The Columbia River Gorge. We don’t get to see very many waterfalls in Arizona so I was beyond excited to get there but the drive was a treat itself. It’s roughly 30 to 45 minutes from Portland to the first waterfall but the Columbia River Highway was one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen. We could not get over how vibrant Oregon is compared to our usual desert landscape.

Latourell Falls

The first stop we made was for Latourell Falls. This is the closest falls to Portland in the Gorge. We accidentally did the hike backwards because we couldn’t find the parking lot – oops. We honestly loved the direction we did it though so I’d highly recommend getting off the Columbia River Highway onto NE Latourell Rd, and parking at the picnic area. From there we hiked to the upper falls – looped down to Latourell Falls, went under the bridge and were right back at the picnic area. It is about a two mile loop total.
I’ve marked the picnic area we parked at in Blue on the map below. You can see the actual trailhead in green and upper falls is the red.
Columbia River Gorge

Map to Latourell Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Next we did a short easy hike to Bridal Veil Falls (.3 miles). This one is a two tiered waterfall with a lot of unique points for photography around it and along the creek.

Multnomah Falls

This waterfall is pretty famous for being the tallest in Oregon and the 2nd tallest year round in the United States. There is a trail to walk to the top but it was getting late so we didn’t hike this one. The view from the bottom is amazing though and worth the stop. There’s also a snack and coffee stand at the bottom as well as a restaurant.
Columbia River Gorge - Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Tips for your trip to the Columbia River Gorge

1. Bring water & snacks for the hikes – once you get out there besides Multnomah Falls there is nowhere to stop and get anything.
2. Parking at some of the lots was difficult – just be patient and kind to each other y’all!
3. The bridge at Multnomah Falls closes when its dangerous – usually the spring & winter.
4. We were there the last weekend of April and I thought it was cold – my best advice is dress in layers.
5. Wear good hiking shoes – it is slippery in spots where wet.
6. Dogs are allowed.
7. Bring a good camera! I was so sad all I had was my cell phone. Hopefully these photos convey some of the pure and natural beauty that is Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge for you.
Happy Travels!

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