Portland, Oregon Part 2: Tulip Fields

Oregon Tulip Fields
Alright friends, part two of the Portland series is here! The Oregon Tulip Fields were the highlight of my trip so, I can’t wait to dive into more details with y’all. If you missed my first post in the series and want to learn more about the best places to stay while in portland click here to read it.
This post is going to be focused on my favorite adventure and the absolute best part of the trip in my opinion so bare with me as I relive this dreamy stroll through the most beautiful flowers. Did you know the Netherlands aren’t the only ones with tulip fields? The Oregon Tulip Fields are absolutely to die for. 
After we got a good night sleep..and morning. We made our first coffee shop stop and then headed an hour south of Portland to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Willamette Valley. Y’all let me tell you right now the photos do not do this justice. It is a MUST see on any Portland, Oregon travel itinerary.
Oregon Tulip Fields

The Oregon Tulip Field season is roughly the last week of March to the Beginning of May. Check out their website for dates when planning your trip. It was a never ending rainbow of the most vibrantly beautiful colors I have ever seen. I took way to many photos and Collin didn’t complain about being my photographer once – what a keeper.

A few tips for your next Oregon tulip festival

1. Dogs are welcome!
2. You can purchase cut flowers – if you are out of town they can even ship them home for you for a fee.
3. It can be muddy and you are walking a good bit – I would not suggest heels or wedges.
4. Respect the tulips!! There are signs telling you where you can walk and not to pick any of the tulips.
5. You can buy a special pass if you want to go in before sunrise or stay after sunset for photos – just check the website for more information

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