Friday Fitness Faves – Top Fitness Brands

Top Fitness Brands - Fitness Faves
Hello Friends! Happy Friday! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend ahead of you for Memorial Day. We’ll be lounging by the pool drinking margaritas and loving on our puppies. I sure am excited for a quiet weekend at home with my loves.
Since this weekend will likely be full of chips, salsa, and delicious drinks I have been hitting the gym hard this week. If you work out then the bad food doesn’t count…that’s how it works, right?
In honor of that here are a few of my favorite top fitness brands.


I have always been a little intimidated by smaller workout specific gyms or fitness classes. I hate that I may not know what to do when all of the regulars do, or I may not be able to keep up with a difficult workout. I gave F45 Biltmore a try despite my reservations and was NOT disappointed. Their team is so motivational and welcoming to new members. The vibe is always upbeat and they do an amazing job of promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Top Fitness Brands
I attend 3-4 classes a week now. It has made an amazing addition to my workout. It is always challenging and no two classes are ever the same. Classes are 45 minute full body workouts and they alternate between strength or cardio focus throughout the week. The studio has TV’s mounted along the front wall that show you how to do each movement at each station too so I can seriously never feel lost at any of the stations. Check out their page here & if you are a resident of Phoenix try it out for one week free!


I am obsessed with Fabletics Leggings so they of course rank among my top fitness brands. I’m always amazed at the quality of their clothes for the price point. Plus, the designs are all so cute! Would you really expect anything less from Kate Hudson though? It all has a free spirited vibe to it that I’m totally digging.

Sports Bra

I will forever be devoted to Nike Sports Bras. I have plenty of other ones but, I know it’s going to be a damn good workout when I have a freshly washed Nike Bra in my bag. Whether I am hiking, lifting, going to an F45 Class, or just running errands they are comfortable and keep everything where it needs to be kept if you know what I mean!


I am honestly not super picky when it comes to shoes. I have always favored Nike but, Collin & I recently got matching Puma’s because they were on super sale and I love mine so much. I’ve been wearing them literally everyday. Look on Amazon for good deals on both of these top fitness brands for shoes. The two I tagged in this paragraph are both under $40!  


I’ve had my Wireless Powerbeats3 for 3 years now and they honestly still work just as good as the first day I had them. They are Bluetooth with a remote and mic. If you’re in a smaller gym you can just leave your phone in a locker because they have a pretty good range. They also isolate the noise around you really well. No grunting or weights slamming will distract me!
Top Fitness Brands
One of my absolute favorite features of these is 5 minutes of charge gives you an hour of play before the battery goes low. How amazing is that?! I am always on the go so I just keep them in my car and plug them in on my drive to the gym. Oh! They also come with a cute carrying case & a few sizes for the ear piece so you can change those out or replace them if needed.

Water Bottle

We’ve been through a couple of different kinds of water bottles and The Hydro Jug is by far my favorite. I feel like I just drink so much more water when I use this one because it’s easy & they have so many cute colors. The lid is like a shaker bottle lid so you don’t have to worry about it leaking. It’s dishwasher safe…It’s not however, batting cage safe…for all of my baseball girlfriends out there. Tell him to leave it outside the cage if you want it to live.


I honestly hated pre workout the first time I had it. I left the gym early without finishing my work-out because I was so scared of how jittery I got! Collin re-introduced me a few years ago and taught me how to correctly use it. Now I drink C4 Sport almost every day before my workout. Fruit Punch is my favorite flavor. 
Tips I have for anyone wanting to try it or that had a bad experience: start with half a scoop and see how that goes – you can always add more next time if you think you need it. Do not have it back to back with your morning coffee or with most weight loss pills. That is just a lot of caffeine for any diet and will likely make you sick. Just read your labels and time things out correctly. I still have a morning coffee but I don’t drink my protein shake until 5:30pm.

Protein Powder

Throughout my fitness journey I have tried so many protein powders. I am lactose-intolerant so finding one that fit my macro goals, didn’t upset my stomach, and tasted good took some trial & error. I am currently drinking 100 calorie chocolate muscle milk. The main reason I started drinking this one is because I can buy it in the ready-to-drink bottles so, its super quick to grab when I’m walking out the door. Some other brands that I have tried in the past and also liked are Vega & PEScience.

Protein Bar

Pure Protein Bar is by far the best tasting protein bar and one of the top fitness brands with the best macros I have ever seen. There isn’t a flavor I haven’t liked. They DO NOT have the chalky protein taste that we all love so much. Y’all three grams of sugar though! Next time you go to the grocery store pick up every protein bar and tell me how many you find with 3 grams or less. Then eat it and tell me it doesn’t taste like garbage. I. Dare. You. It does say they contain milk but it has never bothered me.

That’s all I’ve got for this Friday! What are some of your favorite top fitness brands? Send me a note & let me know if theres something I need to give a try!

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